Sectioning in HTML

HTML provides div to define sections and h1, h2, h3, ... for section headings. It is useful to have the size of the section heading chosen automatically with suitable section numbers added too. This functionality is provided with the section module, which is loaded by default for HTML and XHTML in gloss.

You use this as follows:

section {

The section tag can be given an id with @id[ID], and sections can be nested as you'd expect. Section numbers are added automatically unless you us unnumbered-section in place of section.

The section module includes some other features, including para { ... } for a paragraph (made, usually of a number of p elements combined with block mode displays such as images perhaps), abstract { ... } for an abstract, and bibliography { ... } for a bibliography. It also allows you to define the numbering used and change the name of the abstract or bibliography. Details are at mv/html/section.html.

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