GLOSS: general documentation

The general documentation on GLOSS here. It is arranged in groups of pages on similar topics and, within each group, in a suggested reading-order. You don't have to read the whole of each group, nor every group. Topics discussed in some of these groups especially towards the end may well get rather technical and are not intended for all users.

A star indicates a page that is especially recommended.

  1. General
    1. Manifesto
    2. About the program
    3. The name
    4. *Concepts
    5. A list of interesting or noteworthy features
    6. Introduction to GLOSS for beginners, by Michael Oliver, written as part of his work towards an EPSRC-funded Summer Internship, 2007.
  2. Installation and usage
    1. Installation
    2. Installation in MS-Windows
    3. Command-line tools
    4. The Gloss command-line
    5. Gloss error messages
    6. An experimental Gloss plugin for the jEdit editor
  3. Using GLOSS-xml for direct XML input
    1. *GLOSS-xml: the GLOSS-xml system
    2. GLOSS-xml: the GLOSS-xml system, part 2
    3. GLOSS-xml: other features
  4. Using GLOSS-html for direct (X)HTML input
    1. *GLOSS-html: a GLOSS syntax for XHTML
    2. Metadata in HTML
    3. Hyper-references in HTML
    4. Sectioning in HTML
    5. Theorems and proofs in HTML
  5. Using GLOSS for input of mathematics content
    1. *pmathml: an extension module for p-MathML
    2. *pmathx: further extensions for p-MathML
    3. An OpenMath module for GLOSS (under construction)
  6. Converting GLOSS and XHTML documents to LaTeX
    1. Converting GLOSS and XHTML documents to LaTeX
  7. Designing MV files
    1. Writing mv files
    2. The mv:modularvocab Element
    3. Modes
    4. Modular Vocabulary Commands
    5. Parameters
    6. Examples
  8. Writing modes using GLOSS-modes
    1. (under construction)
  9. Standard MV modules
    1. The xml and mv modes
    2. The html modes
    3. The self-documenting and comment-stripping modes
    4. The p-MathML modes
  10. DTDs and other technical documentation
    1. The modularvocab DTD
    2. The tokens DTD
    3. The xmlrepresentation DTD
  11. General stuff
    1. A glossary
    2. A list of some common file-extensions
    3. Automatically generated javadoc documentation
    4. Wish list; list of other things to do

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