GLOSS: the name

The name "gloss" is used in the (older) sense of "an explanatory word or phrase inserted between the lines or in the margin of a text; a comment, explanation, interpretation or paraphrase (noun)" or "to write or introduce such glosses (verb)". The acronym GLOSS is for the (non-recursive) Gloss Linguistic Or Semantic Structure.

Unfortunately, whilst glossing texts was at one time a well-respected literary activity, it went out of favour, as witnessed by the more modern (derived) meanings of the word, such as "superficial lustre or shine". You will have to make up your mind what you think of the computer form of this activity.

The icon probably recalls this second, less complimentary, meaning of gloss. However, if it is eye-catching and memorable then that's not too bad really. For a more complimentary view, the lips suggest the process of speech and ease of publication, which is what gloss is all about really.

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