The file <glossdir>/mv/xml/def.modes contains a small additional module as a helper-module for XML processing. It allows the user to set and use parameters on the fly for text-snippets.

1 Synopsis

    define-text @name @value
    NAME .. NAME ...


    define-text @name[glossuri] @value[]
    p [The GLOSS system's homepage is at [tt glossuri].
       Documentation is provided at [tt [[glossuri]/doc]].]

You can also set parameters directly from MV files when this module is loaded:

    <mv:set-parameter @name="def:def:NAME" @value="yes"/>
    <mv:set-parameter @name="def:val:NAME" @value="VALUE"/>

def.modes is an extension module for xml.modes. and is generated from in the usual way. The MV loads both xml.modes and def.modes.

2 Example

  define-text @name[bill] @value[Shakespeare]
  define-text @name[ben] @value[Jonson]
  define-text @name[tom] @value[Kyd]
    para [[q[To be or not to be,]] said [bill].]
    para [[q[What was that [bill]?]] said [ben].]
    para [[q[Never mind,]] said [bill].]
    para [[q[But I do mind,]] said [tom].]
      define-text @name[tom] @value[Middleton]
      [[q[Hello, what are you talking about?]] said [tom].]
    para [[q[I don't know,]] said [tom].]


<para><q>To be or not to be,</q> said Shakespeare.</para>
<para><q>What was that Shakespeare?</q> said Jonson.</para>
<para><q>Never mind,</q> said Shakespeare.</para>
<para><q>But I do mind,</q> said Kyd.</para>
<para><q>Hello, what are you talking about?</q> said Middleton.</para>
<para><q>I don't know,</q> said Kyd.</para>

3 The code

!declare-prefix @prefix[def] @uri[] {
!declare-prefix @prefix[xml] @uri[] {

!mode @name[def:structured-content] @template[xml:structured-content]
  !hook @mode[xml:structured-content] @action[process]
    !set-parameter @name[def:name] @value[]
    !set-parameter @name[def:value] @value[]
    !set-parameter @name[def:found:name] @value[]
    !set-parameter @name[def:found:value] @value[]
    !process-tokens @mode[def:get-attr] @parameters[share]
    !if-not @test[$\{def:found:name\}] 
          !message[ERROR$: Missing @name attribute in line $l[&#x0A;]]
    !if-not @test[$\{def:found:value\}] 
          !message[ERROR$: Missing @value attribute in line $l[&#x0A;]]
    !set-parameter @name[def:def:$\{def:name\}] @value[yes]
    !set-parameter @name[def:val:$\{def:name\}] @value[$\{def:value\}]
    !if @test[$\{def:def:$q\}]
      !text [$\{def:val:$q\}]
    !else !execute @mode[xml:structured-content] @hook[process]
  !include @mode[xml:structured-content] @hook[process]

!mode @name[def:get-attr] @accept[attr|] @type[process]
  !attr @fullname[$name||value]
    !process-tokens @mode[xml:process-attr]
      !set-parameter @name[xml:attr-param] @value[def:$n]
    !set-parameter @name[def:found:$n] @value[yes]

}; !declare-prefix
}; !declare-prefix

This file is part of the GLOSS system, Copyright Richard Kaye Usage permitted under the GPL. No Warranty.

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