GLOSS presentation MathML modules

The location GLOSS/mv/pmath in the gloss distribution and web pages presents modules for presentation MathML in xml and xhtml.

See for information on MathML. Version 2.0 is supported; other versions may also work. See also the unicode pages at

The base module is pmathml, which can be used to embed maths in HTML or any other XML application. See that for files and more information. The module pmathx provides various recommended extensions to pmathml, again for use with HTML or any other XML application.

The module inline automatically determines the best default for the display="block" or "inline" attribute to the math element.

A system to allow an additional set of token names or entitles (element names providing aliases to certain unicode codepoints) is being tested. Modules for this include mathmlent/mathmlent.modes with the standard MathML entity names and tr25ent/tr25ent.modes with the Unicode TR25 names.

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