GLOSS self-documenting MVs

The directory <glossdir>/mv/doc contains modes and MVs that strip data from comments and wrap non-comments with pre[...] to generate (x)html.gloss input files from generic gloss or xml files.

There are two flavours: stripgloss which strips comments from gloss input files and wraps the rest in "pre" tags, and stripxml which strips comments from XML files and wraps the rest in "pre" tags. In addition, tow driver MVs are provided as well, <glossdir>/mv/doc/ and <glossdir>/mv/doc/ (These are not copied to <glossdir>/lib as they break the filename conventions where for example FILE.modes.gloss is converted to FILE.html.gloss prior to conversion to html documentation.)

Output from these files are wrapped in CDATA, COMMENT or PI nodes to make them valid XML fragments. The standard XML and HTML modes will unwrap these nodes correctly. However care may be needed if the content of the main node contains the illegal text ("]]>", "--" or "?>" respectively). Choice of which node can be main vial a parameter. CDATA is default.

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