Modular vocabularies: the DTD

The subdirectory <glossdir>/dtd/mv of the GLOSS distribution contains the DTD and information on modes and modular vocabulary files. See also <glossdir>/lib and <glossdir>/mv for standard modes, mv's, etc, for converting documents, including tools for writing XML, HTML, modularvocabs etc.

The idea of modular vocabulary presents us with a small programming language to describe the tokenization and parsing of a text document into xml. There are some familiar ideas in this language (such as setting and testing parameters, and features similar to XSLT) and also some unusual features of this language. Some tasks that at first sight would seem that they should be difficult turn out to be easy and some turn out to be more tricky, with traps and pitfalls for the uninitiated.

The work in this directory consists of the modularvocab.dtd, whose full URI is The namespace of the elements defined in this DTD is, and it is documented here.

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