Documentation for Beginners: The Gloss system

Documentation for Beginners: The Gloss system

GLOSS is a computer language used to write other computer mark-up languages in a more efficient and user friendly manner.

Mark-up languages, such as HTML, XHTML, XML and LaTeX, are a mixture of text and extra information about the text that might include presentation or structural information.

This guide is for absolute beginners to programming using a Windows system, and aims to give new users the chance to write some mathematical webpages in (X)HTML using the GLOSS system. We will begin with an introduction to computer languages, and then move on to introduce the GLOSS system.

If you feel you already know the basics of computer programming you may wish to skip the section about programming basics and head straight to the Introduction to Gloss section. If you have a non-Windows system you may still find this guide helpful, just ignore any Windows-specific information.

Towards the end of this documentation there is also a brief introduction to using jEdit, a programmer's text editor I would recommend that you use for glossing with Windows. Click here to go straight to the jEdit section.

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